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In Search of Great Leadership

Posted in Politics with tags , , , , on March 16, 2010 by shutterbugklentz

You won’t find them in our government nor will you find them in Corporate America.  Where are they?  Do leaders exist anymore?  What does it take to be a good leader?  What is a leader?  A leader is a person of integrity; a good leader is both honest with himself and his followers.  If he is not, he’s not going to be allowed to lead for very long, his followers will not allow it.  A leader, Vince Lombardi would say, “cannot just tell his team what to do but he must show the team the reasons why and keep on showing them until they are fully convinced.”  A good leader encourages the heart, models the way and empowers others to act.   

 Today, sadly, our Congressional leaders take bribes, are disingenuous, say one thing and do another and do not perform the duties they have taken an oath to do.  They are selling their personal integrity to the highest bidder, namely special interests groups.  They refuse, daily, to listen to the people who have elected them in good faith to do their will, a great leader, listens.  Our Corporate leadership is not much different.  Our so-called managers, use a lazy approach of bullying tactics, inconsistent sharing of information, leading by manipulating, micromanaging and are generally selfish and know that during a tough economy it will also be tough for any of their so-called “followers” to leave.   

Why has this lack of leadership or should I say void of leadership become so commonplace?  Integrity, discipline and character; it’s hard to be a good leader because a good leader must model the way, he must always give that extra 10% and he must always be honest and unselfish with his followers if they are to continue to follow for any length of time.  We have become soft and weak in both our corporate leadership and that of our government.  It has been said that our leaders in government are a true reflection of the people who have voted for them; sadly I feel this is true.  As citizens we have given into the notion that being entitled to material things we cannot afford, lifestyles that do not fit our salaries, and a general attitude of not being accountable and believing this is the freedom we deserve.  This is not the freedom our founders spoke of; it is simply a weakness of character.

 So, how do we begin to create good or better yet, great leaders?  We each begin acting like leaders ourselves.  If you say you are going to do something, do it!  Be honest first with yourself.  No one can expect to be a guide for another if that person does not believe in himself.  Be true to your convictions, model the way.  Be respectful and draw from your followers the unique talents each possess.  Don’t sell yourself to the highest bidder and take the easy way out, go the extra mile.  And never adopt the policy of do as I say not as I do.  That is what a great leader would do, are you a great leader?

by Kim Lentz


Our children are drowning in a sea of red…

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Ask any 13-year-old who George Washington is, and he will tell you that he was our first President; a slave owner, his face is on the one dollar bill, and oh yea he had wooden teeth.  Ask that same child who George W. Bush is and he will tell you that he was our last President and that he was evil and forced our country into a war in Iraq with no proof of weapons of mass destruction and tortured people.  Then, ask him who Barack Obama is, and you will be blinded by the red glow of adulation that emanates from his body, after all he is the Messiah, our hope and change.  Let the wave of indoctrination swell.

What is happening to our youth today is a slow, persuasive, incremental decent into socialism.  Each day our young people are inundated with a barrage of feel good sentiments, fueled by a coddling big brother government.  Long gone are the days of building character through hard work and individual perseverance.  No, now days are children are being trained to believe that just being on the team is good enough, being mediocre is ok.  Competition is to be frowned upon because we are all equal.  And that everyone is entitled to a trophy whether they have actually achieved anything or not.  Just being a participant is good enough, it doesn’t matter if you contributed or not.  Oh but you did contribute, they will say, you were on the team, applauding and being supportive of your teammates. 

The mind-set of entitlement and mediocrity breeds nothing more than under achievement and low self-esteem.  Removing competition from all elements of life eliminates any desire to be your best.  Achieve more, be successful, be yourself.  It eliminates the desire and passions that are unique to being human and creates an environment of uniformity.  Our government has been engaging our children in this mind-set for some time now, slowly chipping away at their individuality, slowly reducing them to a limited range of emotions.  Our schools teach them to cheer for the losing team so that they do not feel bad for not winning, because as you know, everyone doesn’t always win.  No one wants to feel bad.  But as human beings, our emotions are not singular; we have many emotions and each of our emotions have two aspects hot and cold.  We cannot always be happy or joyful, it is artificial, and our desire to express ourselves can not be manipulated by false admiration.  By eliminating competition, our children are relating to the activities which they are engaged in an artificial way, they are being taught to never be sad or experience defeat. 

This new mind-set is an attempt to create a more rational equal society, a utopian society, a Socialist Utopia.  Our children are slowly being swept into a tide of red socialism where all are like-minded, all share equally and no one wants for anything.  In the new America, our government will provide for us all that we need; air, food, water, shelter, healthcare, jobs and our minds.  Our current administration wants to control the air we breathe; cap-and-trade, they already control the food we eat; FDA, the water we drink; EPA…our homes and now our healthcare.  How much more are willing to give up before we stand up and scream enough is enough!  How long are we going to stand by, while our gut feeling is telling us that are children are being turned against us and do nothing!  How long?  How much more, before what we know to be true emotions of anger, fear and anxiety, yes those same emotions are children are softly being persuaded to dismiss, are we going to endure?  It is time to take our country back and stop the wave of socialism.  Call your local school board, talk to your children, and make American history part of your family’s history.

by Kim Lentz