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Obama gave us the New New Deal now he gives us the New American Dream

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As an American citizen, when you think about great leadership, does Mao Zedong come to mind?  Does his communist style of leadership conjure up the American dream?  When you get up in the morning to go to work are you going to work to make money for your family?  Or are you going to work so that you can share your money with society in a redistributive manner?  Are you looking forward to the days when in America; there are no rich, no poor, no middle class, just all citizens sharing equally the pittance our government decides we are entitled to?  These are the views that many in the Obama Administration have and are working to instill into the New American Dream Is this the Hope and Change that you voted for?   You decide. Click on the link below to hear the top 20 Pro-Socialism Sound Bites of Obama, his Advisors & his Allies.

 Kimberly Lentz


A few ideas to ponder as we head into the voting season

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To all of the citizens planning on voting in the next election, a few ideas to ponder as we head into November. 

Term Limits, please.  Congressional lifers no more. 

Obamacare for all federal employees, including Obama himself.  If it’s good enough for the President, it’s good enough for me. 

Anyone running for the office of President, must have served a minimum of 2 years in the military.  Afterall if you are the Commander-in-Chief, you should, at the very least, have some experience in the military.

Bills that are voted on and enacted into law, each of our legislators must obey, yes that’s right, no exceptions.  And this of course includes our President.  Another thing about the bills, no more pork and the name of the bill must describe what is actually in the bill.  Oh I almost forgot, each bill, a bill, is just that a bill.  For example if the bill is say about Obamacare, then each of the items contained in the bill must be health related.  I know this one is a stretch, but let’s stay focused here people. 

Any raises given to Congressional leaders will only be given if Congress has an approval rating over 50%.  Oh dear, that one is going to be tough since Congress hasn’t seen a public approval rating over 30% since what 1994?  And that’s being kind. 

The personal vacations, oh I’m sorry, the trips abroad to spread American good will and democracy, will stop.  We have Ambassadors and the like to fulfill this obligation and the work needed here is far more important since we are on the verge of an economic meltdown!  At least that is what Rahm keeps telling us. 

If for any reason one of our Congressional leaders is found to be in a, oh let’s say a compromising situation, that leader is suspended until an investigation has been completed from casting his/her vote.  This one is going to be tough, there may not be anyone left to vote…hm

Perks.  Well this one is going to be tough too because the perks given to anyone other than a Congressional member will stop.  No more borrowing the plane, or giving freebies to the staffers, they are already over paid.  It is a perk just having a government job, government employees on average make almost twice as much as the private sector.  So, no, no more perks to the staff.

Campaign funds will be capped at a reasonable limit, just enough to run those annoying ridiculous ads over and over, but no more.  Keep it short and sweet on the campaign trail and no one wants to hear the down and dirty on your opponent.  Just the relevant facts please.

Speaking of the campaign trail, if a member of Congress chooses to run again for office, as long as it is not past their term limit of course.  Said person can do so, but you will not vacate your present seat or duties while campaigning.  You are still employed in your present position and you will be expected to fulfill those commitments first.  If you are unable to handle both, no need to run, you don’t have the right stuff.

Bills headed to a vote will be made available to the public three days prior to voting and the bills will be written in a manner in which the average public educated person can understand.  At an average of $10 grand a student, everyone should be able to comprehend the language.

While in office, a yearly mandatory American history exam, for you PC people, a Civics exam will be given to all members of Congress and the President to include:  how many states are there?  What war are fighting currently in Iraq? (this one is tricky)  What are the Bill of Rights?  The Declaration of Independence?  Who was the first President?  That sort of thing, simple right?  Ask Sheila Jackson.

Purchasing stock, say in Al Gore’s global warming investment firm, will no longer be allowed.  Yes you can purchase stock, just like the rest of us, but if you receive tips or say you are at a dinner party and Al tells you he is about to go public with his global warming scam, um no.  That my friend is what we like to refer to as a conflict of interest or possibly insider trading. 

I suppose this is enough for now, but this will give you a fresh perspective when hearing the never-ending political ads on television and the radio.  Each of these may be a bit sarcastic, but we are being taken for a ride folks and the freeloaders in Washington have exhausted the funds that have let them live the life of luxury.   It is time to hold our leaders accountable and have them live in the lifestyle that we have come accustomed to, higher taxes, lower incomes that is if you are lucky enough to have an income right now.

Please feel free to add your own and remember voting season is just around the corner.