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If Congress is going to cut spending, then why do we need to raise the debt ceiling?

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This is what I do not understand?  If we are agreeing to disagree about whether to raise the debt ceiling, but everyone agrees that our bloated over-sized spending machine (our government) MUST cut spending and we all agree spending must be cut, then why raise the debt limit?

I’m a working stiff that manages to pay all of my bills and live within my means, but whenever I had incurred debt in the past, I CUT my spending habits, but never, never did I raise my CREDIT limit!  That is plain stupid!  This is the nonsense that our government is trying to pull.  If I can spend more, just a bit more, everything will be fine.  While those of us who choose to live in the real world, (the working-class world that exists outside of Washington D.C.) know that if you continue to spend money that you do not have and continue to raise your spending limit, you eventually will need to either beg your creditors to cut you a deal or put your tail between your legs and file bankruptcy and admit that you are incapable of doing simple math!  The kind of math that clearly explains, now pay attention Washington, IF YOU SPEND MORE THAN YOU BRING IN AND YOU BORROW MORE THAN YOUR CREDIT WILL ALLOW, YOU WILL GO BROKE! Is this the strategy?!  Sure looks like it from where I’m sitting.

Did you know that this President, President Obama, has added more to the National Debt in his first 19 Months than All Presidents from Washington Through Reagan Combined!  Let me repeat that for those of you needing to be slapped back to consciousness.  This President, President Barack Obama, has added more to the National Debt in his first 19 Months than All Presidents from Washington Through Reagan Combined!  COMBINED!!

In the first 19 months of the Obama administration, the federal debt held by the public increased by $2.5260 trillion, which is more than the cumulative total of the national debt held by the public that was amassed by all U.S. presidents from George Washington through Ronald Reagan.  Now I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking SPENDING might be the issue and something needs cutting and it needs to be cut now!
Need more proof that you, your children and probably your grandchildren are massively in debt.  Check out our nation’s debt clock and you tell me if SPENDING might be the problem and CUTTING the answer!  Are you kidding me?  Spending is still on the table as an option by this President and Congress!  People give me a break!  Call your Representative and tell them to STOP SPENDING and START CUTTING!
Kim Lentz

CUT, CAP and BALANCE – call your Representative today

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Raise the debt ceiling?  Raise Taxes?  Don’t make any changes to Social Security or Medicaid/Medicare?  Keep Spending?   Balance the Budget?  Balance the Budget, how did this get in here??  Maintaining the status quo is the Politicians mindset, after all, Politicians want to be re-elected.

Six in 10 Americans Oppose Raising the Debt Ceiling Despite Risks of Default read this article.

Yes, how about a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution?  Yes, cut spending on the useless wasteful government programs or better yet CUT the useless programs.  Our Government takes in about $200 Billion in revenue each month.  I’ll say that one again.  Our Government takes in about $200 BILLION IN REVENUE EACH MONTH!  How is it possible that we as a nation are so far in debt?

Call your Representative, voice your opinion, let them know that this is unacceptable!  CUT, CAP and BALANCE is  the hard choice that we all need to make now before it is too late, both as individuals and as a country.  Call your Representative today.

Average Compensation for a Federal Employee $81 G’s – How do I get this Gig??

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At a time in our history when our country’s debt is rocketing out of control ($14 Trillion), our nation, globally, is seen as being weak and undisciplined, unemployment is hovering in double digits, and for the handful of us that are still working, knowing TAX hikes are inevitable….

How could I be so stupid, a career with the government, that’s the ticket!  Yes, that’s right!  You can leave your low-level, unskilled private sector job, or drop that unemployment check and become a federal employee!  That’s right you too can make on average $81,000 annually as a federal employee.  After all, you’ve paid a portion of the salaries out of your check, you deserve it!  You’re an American, hell You’re Entitled to it!

Check this out!  A recent article in USA Today puts our nations money woes into perspective, FEDERAL WORKERS EARNING DOUBLE THEIR PRIVATE SECTOR COUNTEPARTS.  This article will make your head burst, well, burst only if you are unfortunate enough to work in the private sector.

Government’s Unintended Consequences

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Why are we putting up with this nonsense?  Supposedly, there are more than 10,000 government programs that are artificially stimulating our economy and  these programs are funded with our tax payer dollars.  Why do we continue to allow our Legislators to cram these ridiculous costly programs down our throats?  The unintended consequences are costing us more than the benefits we will ever receive from these absurd programs and each more than likely will never go away. 

Cash for Clunkers?  Really.  Subsidizing the purchase of cars we never intended on buying in the first place.

Subsidies for corn ethanol?  Mm, corn ethanol has now been declared more dangerous to our environment than gasoline.

Minimum Wage?  Is there really still a minimum wage when it is mandated by our government?

Institute the Laffer Curve….please

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April 15th is almost here and for about 50% of us, we have just about finished working the necessary hours to pay the tax bill.  Yes, that’s right, the 50% of working America that pays taxes is just starting to earn money for themselves.  There is a theory about the tax rate, that I believe we need to institute, namely the Laffer Curve.  The Laffer Curve is a theoretical representation of the relationship between government revenue raised by taxation and all possible rates of taxation.  What does that mean to you?  It means that as the tax rate increases – government revenue begins to go down.  The Laffer Curve theorizes that there is a happy median, so to speak, a rate at which both government tax revenues go up and the tax paying citizens work output goes up, this of course, makes both party’s very happy.  But, if at any time, say the government raises the tax rate to 70%, the incentive to be productive goes way down.  Afterall, why work if you are not going to receive any of the fruits of your labor. 

 Art Laffer, the person the curve was named after, suggests that there is a perfect tax rate for both the individual to pay to the government and any businesses, that would maximize both revenue and production.  What is the ideal rate you must be asking?  ELEVEN PERCENT, yes that’s right, I said 11%!  So why during a recession, almost a depression, to hear our competent leadership explain are we paying 30% and up and are getting ready to raise that rate even more?  Dare I say it, but could it be the redistribution of wealth

So, on Thursday, Tax Day, please feel free to enjoy writing that check to the government.  Yes, the check that you just spent 104 days working for and remember “it just feels good to share the wealth”.  Right?

by  Kim Lentz